So recently, War Thunder released these pics:


As you see, there is a MiG-15bis serving with the GDR (Eastern Germany)'s airforce, and an F-86 F30 serving Japan. These are the planes that are currently used by the VVS and USAF. If Japan needs new jets, there is a Japanese jet based of the Me-262. It is named the Ki-201, and that plane should be added! (in my opinion) Anyways, I can see that this game isn't just WWII, but also early Cold War. But there are still planes that could be added that are 100% German or Japanese. I already talked about Ki-201, but there are other jets (German ones) to add. Just remember that Germany spent plenty of research on jet planes and that may 'paper', or planned planes could be added, and that would be cool. I mean, Gaijin added the f***ing twin Mustang, for f***'s sake! It is probably the derpiest plane I've seen! Anyways, what do YOU think? You can comment your opinion down below!

Twin Mustang

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