Ho-103 Data
Type 1 machine gun

Ho-103 Machine Gun

Catridge 12.7mm x 81mm Breda

Projectile Weight

AP: 1.25oz/35,4g

HE: 1.16oz/33g

Muzzle Velocity 2,560fps/780mps
Range 2,460'/750m
Rate of Fire


Coming in two variants, the Ho-103 and Ho-104, this machine gun was the Japanese answer to the American M1921 .50 cal aerial machine gun. As the 103 variant, it was used in a fixed application, and as the 104 variant, it was mounted on flexible mounts.

In contrast to the M1921, it acheived a higher rate of fire by using the Breda 12.7mm cartridge, with a disintegrating metal belt. With a size intermediate between the MG151's 64mm length, the and M1921's 99mm length, it had a lower velocity than its American counterpart, but allowed for faster cycling. In an attempt to combat the lower speed, the Ho-103 was frequently loaded with explosive and incindiary rounds.