Type 89 "Fixed" Data
Type 89 Model 2 machine gun

Type 89 "Fixed"

Projectile Weight

AP: 0.4oz/11,3g

Incindiary: 0.35oz/9.8g

Muzzle Velocity 2,660fps/811mps
Range 1,970'/600m
Rate of Fire 900rpm

The designation Type 89 refers to two separate machine guns, the "flexible" and the "fixed."

The "flexible" Type 89 is two mirror image Year 11 Type machine guns, laying horizontally, fed by quadrant magazines loaded with 5 round cartridges. This was replaced in 1937 by a captive belt style feed. This version of the Type 89 was used for tail gunners and bomber defense, and were eventually pushed into a ground based anti-air role, at which their small caliber made them ineffective.

The "fixed" Type 89 was a license built version of the Vicker's gas operated machine gun, chambered for the 7.7mm x 58mm Arisaka round. This Type 89 was typically used in synchronized application in fighter cowls and as wing guns. They were belt fed with a steel disintegrating belt.