Nakajima A6M2-N
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank 2
Battle Rating 2.7
Type Fighter/Hydroplane
Maximum Speed on height 432 km/h
Maximum Altitude 9100 m
Turn Time 20.0 seconds
Rate of Climb 12.3 m/s
Takeoff Run 500 m
Armament 2x 7.7mm Type 97 machine guns (1000 rds)
2x 20mm Type 99 Mk. 1 cannons (120 rds)
Burst Mass 2.43kg/s

The Nakajima A6M2-N (code name «Rufe») is a single-seat carrier based monoplane fighter currently sitting at Tier 3 in the Japanese line. The upfront cost of a A6M2-N is 20,000 Lion.

Design, Development & Operational HistoryEdit

The single-seater, single-engine float seaplane fighter A6M2-N was created to cover combat operations near atolls, where the construction of airfields was often impossible.

Initially, the Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu was planned for this purpose, but it soon became clear that Kawanishi was unable to produce the planes in sufficient quantity before the start of the war, so the navy asked Nakajima to create a float seaplane fighter. The A6M2 model 11, with non-folding wings, was chosen as a starting point. The landing gear were removed, and a large float with a built-in fuel tank installed in its place. A float was also installed under each wing for stability. The plane’s armament was left unchanged.

Despite the significantly increased aerodynamic resistance and weight, the plane was quite fast and maneuverable.

327 of these aircraft were produced, including the original prototype, but the first A6M2-Ns barely ever took part in combat, since they were destroyed shortly after arriving at Tulagi (in the Solomon Islands) in an attack by U.S. B-17s from the 11th Bombardment Group.

In game, the A6M2-N is the first researchable varient of the A6M. Being a varient of the famous Zero, it retains the armament of its predecessor, with 2 cannons and 2 machine guns. While not being as manoverable as the A6M2, it excells fighting other aircraft of its tier, bar the Hurricane, Spitefire and P-40.