Awards are gained during and/or after a match and provide an extra xp and lion boost. The awards received as long as the player stays in the match until it finishes.

Awards earned during the matchEdit

Name Description/Criteria Lions
Air Assist Streak Assisted allies to destroy air targets in a row 150
Air Streak Destroy multiple enemy planes without dying
Bomber Rescuer Destroy a plane attacking a friendly Bomber.
Chance Meeting Getting killed by ramming 3 times in one match 500
Double Strike Destroy 2 units in succession (i.e. before someone else from your team kills one) 375
Final Blow Be the last to destroy any plane, ship, or ground unit 250
First Strike Be the first to destroy a ground or air target. 500
Fighter Rescuer Destroy a plane that has been shooting at a friendly unit
Ground Rescuer Destroy a plane destroying friendly ground units 100
Ground Streak Destroy multiple ground units without dying
Multistrike Destroy ground units in succession 100
Plane Magnet Getting killed by ramming 5 times in one match

Shadow Strike Streak

Destroying an enemy vehicle without getting yourself hit 100
Soft Landing Landing a critically damaged aircraft on airfield 100
Supporting Fire Spotting an enemy ground unit and having a friendly ground unit destroy it. 200
Teamwork To all members of a squad near a squad mate during destruction of an enemy unit. 200
Triple Strike Destroy 3 units in succession
Win Streak Destroyed air targets in a row 100

Awards earned after the matchEdit

These awards are only received if the player waits til the end of the match.


Description Criteria Lions RP
Hero Bomber Destroy 25 or more ground targets. 5000
Hero Fighter Destroy 10 or more air targets. 5000
Bomber Destroy the most ground targets. 2000
Fighter Destroy the most air targets. 2000
Balancer Destroy the most planes ranked higher than your own. 2000
Last Man Standing Be the last plane
Bullet proof Didn't lose any vehicle and destroyed more air targets than all other players  who didn't lose any aircraft. 1000
Wingman Had the most assists destroying aircraft (10+)
Missionmaker Deliver the First Strike and the Final Blow. 5000
Survivor Don't get killed (visit airfield for repair counts as a death) and destroy more planes than others who didn't get killed.
On Hand Had the most assists destroying aircraft 1000
Beowolf Destroy a plane 3 tiers higher than your own ?
Hercules Destroy a plane 2 tiers higher than your own 3000
Behemoth Destroy a plane ?? tiers higher than your own ?
Antimech Destroyed the most ground targets 1000
Best Squad To squad with most squad streaks. 1000 200
Terror of the Skies Most air targets of the match 1000
Fighters' Nightmare Destroyed at least 10 Fighter planes 1500
Fighter Hunter Destroyed at least 5 Fighter planes 750
Hero of the Sky Destroyed the most aircrafts in Air Battles 7500
Punisher Destroyed the most vehicles of one rank higher 7500
Notes They allow multiple bomber and fighter awards so those may also be given above a certain number of kills in lieu of the descriptions which say "most".  For example:  Most kills and "anyone with more than 5 kills".