The B-57A Canberra was an American jet bomber


The B-57A is unarmed plane so survivability depends on the speed. Luckily two Wright Aeronautical J65 turbojet engines provides enough thrust to out-speed many fighters. Maximum speed is 950 km/h for a fully upgreaded variant and 902 km/h for a stock variant. As was mentioned maneuverability is the key, but be awere of pulling your nose down, becouse airframe can survive only -6G. However +12G is almost unreachable value for the vast majority of your oponents. These atributes allows to do very sharp and high-G turns. Bomb-load is adequate. Of course it´s not a B-29, but 9x500 lb bombs or 6x1000 lb bombs can do a realy nice job.



  • 9x 500lbs bombs
  • 6x 1000lbs bombs