Beaufighter Mk. Vc
Bristol Beaufighter Mk. Vc
Rank 5 Rank2
Type Heavy Fighter/Torpedo-Bomber
Maximum Speed 535 km/h
On Height 500 m
Maximum Altitude 8,100 m
Turn Time 23.7 seconds
Rate of Climb 11 m/s
Takeoff Run 371 m
Armament 4x 20mm Hispano cannons (1,132 rds)
1x Turret 7.7mm Browning machine gun (1000 rds)
Burst Mass 5.17kg/s

The Bristol Beaufighter Mk. Vc is a British long-range heavy fighter derivative of the Bristol Aeroplane Company's earlier Beaufort design used by the Coastal Command. It currently sits at Tier 5 of the British line. The upfront cost of is 45,000 Lion.


In the two-crew Bristol Beaufighter heavy fighter series, some modifications were designed to patrol coastal areas and escort vessels. The designations of these variants ended with the letter C to indicate that they were used by the Coastal Command. The first modification for the Coastal Command appeared in 1940 and had the designation Beaufighter Mk.IC.

The wing guns were removed so that added extra fuel tanks could be added, a 227-liter tank in the right wing and a 109-liter tank in the left. The next model, in which the engine was replaced with a Hercules Mk.VI (1650 hp), began production in November 1941 and was designated the Beaufighter Mk.VIC.

By the end of 1942, most of the Beaufighter Mk.VICs been modified to carry torpedoes, and in April 1943 they made their first torpedo attack, sinking two merchant ships off of the Norwegian coast.

A total of 5,928 Beaufighters were built.

In GameEdit

This plane is not only reasonably fast for such a heavy plane, but also it is also well armed. With four under-nose 20mm Hispano cannons, this plane is capable of dealing very high damage to a concentrated area. Also, Beaufighters are famed for exceptional armour. As long as the engines remain intact, Beaufighters are difficult to take down. As long as manueverability isn't an absolute must for the pilot, the Beaufighter is a solid Heavy Fighter for use with zoom and boom manuevers.