War Thunder - Duel

War Thunder - Duel


From the game.

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Beginner Guide When starting off on the game war thunder it is nice to know some of these simple tips and tricks.

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Controls are neccesary they determine how easy you can multitask while Ina dogfight or how easy you can maneuver look around drop bombs and use turrets. To change controls hit escape then go to controls. If you have buttons you would think would make flight easier click on the control then hit assign button and clock on the button you would like to change. A handy trick with a joystick is using the mouse to control the turret gunners while using the joystick to control the flight at the same time as using the turret.

good starting planes

I recommend starting with the soviets due to there easy to achieve good planes that start at lvl 1. If you start with the USA I do not recommend buying/using the kingfisher because it is not good plane at the slightest. The British are harder to start out with and I recommend playing arcade and just going for ground targets as the early British planes are no good in a dogfight.

Nations strengths

Each nation I have found has different strengths and weaknesses. USA: the us excels in its bombers if you're looking for bombers go with the US. Soviets: the soviets specialize in fighters and planes like the yak pack a huge punch and can sustain damage. Britain: British planes are in the middle while not acceding at one thing they are great all around and pack heavy bombs in Axis: the axis powers have great bombers just like the US and have ok attack planes.

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