The Bf. 110 C-4 is the first heavy fighter available in the German tech tree.

In the game, the heavy fighter generally features better armaments than single-engine fighters (more machine guns and cannons) and more engine power, but this comes at the cost of reduced agility.

Like other heavy fighters, the Bf-110 should not be mistaken for a regular fighter, as it carries more weapons then conventional single engined fighters, yet loses agility in doing.

The Bf-110 is also well equipped to take on bombers, as it packs a mighty punch with it's cannons and machine guns. Though it lacks effective defenses, with a single rear machine gun firing from a limited fireing arc.

The Bf-110 C-4 is good as an introduction to heavy fighter combat, although it will need to frequently run away from single-engine fighters, such as Spitfires, or the LaGG series, to return later and attack more ground targets or bombers/large seaplanes.

Skins Edit

3/ZG 26 Battle of Britain: Shoot down 40 players

ZG26 Horst Wessel Sicily 1940: Shoot down 80 players