Blenheim Mk. IV
Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV
Rank 2 Rank2
Type Light Bomber
Maximum Speed 428 km/h
On Height 3000 m
Maximum Altitude 8,310 m
Turn Time 24.2 seconds
Rate of Climb 8 m/s
Takeoff Run 366 m
Armament 1x 7.7mm Browning machine gun (500 rds)
2x 7.7mm Vickers K machine guns (Turret, 1000 rds)
2x 7.7mm Browning machine guns (Turret, 1000 rds)

4x 250lb bombs
2x 500lbs bombs

Burst Mass 6.46kg/s

The Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV is a light bomber which currently sits at Tier 2 in the British line. The upfront cost of is 3,000 Lion.


The Blenheim was the first British all-metal aircraft and one of the first with retractable landing gear, an electric defensive turret and a variable pitch propeller. Conversion from fixed-gear biplane bombers with fixed-pitch propellers to Blenheims, with all their modern equipment, proved troublesome for some squadrons. Large numbers of levers, often poorly positioned, caused confusion and led to crashes. For example, the landing gear lever was too close to the flap lever, which sometimes led to retraction of flaps together with landing gear at takeoff — a fatal mistake. Improper prop pitch setting at takeoff often led to an overly long takeoff run and passing the runway threshold without becoming airborne.

The Blenheim Mk IV was not, as is often thought, a variant of the Mk I. Rather it was based on the Type 149 variant, based on the 11/36 requirement for a coastal defence bomber. During flight trials the Mk IV reached the top speed of 266 mph which was better than the Mk I. However the data was misleading, as the speed was reached at 12,000 ft, whereas the Mk I was tested at sea level, where it reached 239 mph. Obviously the Mk I was slightly faster at altitude. Unfortunately, this became obvious in combat, when Mk IVs fared no better against Luftwaffe fighters than the Mk I. It quickly became clear that Blenheims needed fighter escorts.

Skins Edit

54th Training School 1941: Shoot down 30 players

18th Squadron RAF Egypt 1942: Destroy 60 ground units

1 Blenheim IV 54th training

54th Training School