With the apropos acronym CRP (pronounced c-r-p), convertible research points are the totally CRP "points" that you get for playing hour upon hour of War Thunder. They have virtually no value as far as can be ascertained, except to insult dedicated players by giving them a shiny bauble to have as an illusory "reward" for playing. Like a pink balloon or brownie button. If one tries to use said CRP points, one ends up paying more in real money "Golden Eagles" than one would have spent by actually purchasing an elite vehicle of similar class from the online store. Please add your thoughts as to why CRP exist (or should they), and provide input and suggestions to the makers of War Thunder (Gaijin Entertainment as to how they can actually change the CRP system to be one that ACTUALLY rewards players AND makes them money. How many CRP points do you have (this player has 3.5 MILLION)? Do YOU use them? Please, give a CRP, and let us know!