Cruisers were medium-sized battleships mostly used during World War II. These ships had armor on them, yet they did not have much, and had much less than battleships. They usually had only 3 torpedo tubes, and lacked a sonar and other anti-submarine equipment. Cruisers were used for multiple purposes, such as adding strong firepower while also being somewhat fast. Cruisers usually had guns that were in the range of 6-8 inches in diameter, but some cruisers had guns that went up to eleven inches. Cruisers were usually separated into 2 groups: light cruisers and heavy cruisers. Cruisers also held scout planes on them that could fly around the area near them to see if there was any enemy warships that were approaching. Cruisers are still used today, but not as much as they were during WWII, and are extremely less popular than the no armored Destroyer.