Aichi D3A1
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank 1
Battle Rating 1.7
Type Dive Bomber
Maximum Speed on height 430 km/h
Maximum Altitude 10,500 m
Turn Time 29.2 seconds
Rate of Climb 8.6 m/s
Takeoff Run 232 m
Armament 2x 7.7mm Type 97 machine guns (1800 rds)
1x Turret 7.7mm Type 92 machine guns (1000 rds)

1x 250kg bomb, 2x 50kg bombs

Burst Mass 0.35kg/s

The Aichi D3A1 (code name «Val»), is a monoplane and the first dive bomber available to the Japanese. It currently sits at Tier 2 in the Japanese line. The upfront cost of a D3A1 is 3,000 Lion.

Design, Development & Operational HistoryEdit

The single-engine carrier-based Aichi D3A dive bomber, a metal-construction monoplane, was created by order of Japan’s Supreme Command of Naval Aviation to replace the obsolete D1A biplane. The shape of the wing and tail, as well as the presence of special dive brake flaps, came from the German aircraft company Heineken, which was in active partnership with Aichi.

A D3A prototype was ready in late 1937, and mass production of the D3A1 began in 1940. A Kinsey 43 engine producing 1000 horsepower was used, and the aircraft’s armament consisted of two synchronous 7.7 mm machine guns over the engine and one hand-operated machine gun with the radio operator at the rear of the cab. The wings had folding wingtips and duralumin sheeting, and the ailerons and flaps were covered with fabric.

During the first half of the Second World War, the D3A, along with the B5N Kate, were the main strike force of the Japanese fleet. At the time the D3A1 could be considered one of the best dive-bombers in the world. No other dive bomber had characteristics that were even close, until the arrival of the American Dauntless and Helldiver.

All in all, 470 D3A1s were produced.

In-Game TacticsEdit

The first dive bomber available, the D3A is very effective in its role. It can carry a hefty 250kg (roughly 500lb) bomb and two 50kg bombs. It also can dogfight very well if necessary, as its flight characteristics are like the A5M4's. One thing to note is the large wing; it is easily shot down and has two wing fuel tanks rather than one fuselage tank. (twice the risk of fire).

It is strongly recommended for new players.