Destroying ground targets is an important part of gameplay. In some battle modes, the enemy can be defeated by destroying all their ground targets. Each ground target represents some amount of its team's tickets.

If a weapon can cause a hit, then it can possibly destroy the target. Each ground target has its own HP (health points) amount, which is hidden.

It's better to attack already damaged ground targets. E.g. destroyers and other boats will start smoking from their "body" not from their chimney when damaged.

Common rule: "One full HP target is smaller threat than ten heavily damaged targets". (This is true in most of fighting games).  This means that you should focus on destroying one target, instead of trying to attack multiple targets and bring them down to low health. This is because if you destroy 9 targets and only leave one, that means only 1 target can fire (and deal damage), and means that the enemy (in some game modes) have 9 less tickets. However, if you damage all 10 targets, all 10 of those can fire as long as they are alive, and the enemy has lost no tickets.

Here you can find the table, which shows what weapon does a hit on which ground target.

- Yes, it can cause a hit to the target

- No, it can not cause a hit to the target

? (or blank) - Not tested

(Lb is there for reference, and to keep people from changing it from Kg to lb.This chart is based off of kilos, then converted to pounds.)


Armored car Light tank Medium tank Heavy tank Light pillbox Pillbox Bridge Base/Airfield Destroyer Battle ship Carrier Cargo ship Patrol boat Landing craft
MG 12,7 mm 12mm
CNN 15+ 30+ 30+