Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank n/a
Battle Rating
Type n/a
Maximum Speed on height n/a
Maximum Altitude n/a
Turn Time n/a
Rate of Climb n/a
Takeoff Run n/a
Armament n/a
Burst Mass kg/s

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Operational History Edit

In game use & Tactics Edit

The F4U-1d, like most American fighters, excels in the Boom and Zoom role. However, this aircraft climbs very poorly, and accelerates slowly. This means that as the pilot, you must sideclimb. When excecuting your attack, start by picking a target around 5,000 feet below. Then, dive on him, shoot him, and climb back at a 30 degree angle. Repeat if necessary, and then proceed to your next target. Keep in mind that your roll rate is atrocious, and it can get in the way of a sucessful attack. While your maneuverability is not the best, you can still outturn Japanese fighters at 300+ mph (but you will only retain your speed for around one turn). Therefore, do not engage in a turnfight.