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The Focke Wulf 200 Condor was a German Heavy Bomber


The Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor's is best remembered as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft that searched for Allied convoys over the North Atlantic during the course of World War II. It's mission was to either attack the convoys directly with bombs or communicate their location with the packs of German U-boats below. The Condor first started out life as a transatlantic airliner that first flew in July of 1937. By September of 1939 over 250 Condors had entered military service.


The Fw 200 C-1 is a heavy bomber with a heavy bomb load and weak defensive armament. When delivering the bombs to the targets, high altitudes are a must. The preferred targets of this bomber are stationary objects like pillboxes or slow moving vehicles such as ships (if you can time it well) and of course the bomb targets and airfields. Should an enemy fighter catch up with you, it is certain doom as your defensive guns have a very low chance to kill it. To survive attacks, use your gunners to ward off the enemy aircraft until help comes. Stay away from combat as much as you can and do your job as a bomber.

Defensive armamentEdit

  • x4 : 7.92mm MG 15 machine gun x1 (Ammo:6000) Reload time 15s


  • 6x 250kg SC
  • 6x 500kg SC
  • 2x 1000kg SC
  • 4x 250 SC + 2x1000kg SC
  • 2x 500kg SC + 2x 1000kg SC