Mitsubishi G4M1
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank 2
Battle Rating 3.0
Type Medium Bomber/Torpedo Bomber
Maximum Speed on height 450 km/h
Maximum Altitude 8000 m
Turn Time 32.0 seconds
Rate of Climb 7.2 m/s
Takeoff Run 314 m
Armament 1x Turret: 20mm Type 99 Mk. 1 cannon 1x (1000 rds)
4x Turret: 7.7mm Type 92 machine gun 1x (4000 rds)

12x 50kg bombs
4x 250kg bombs
1x 500kg bomb
1x 1000kg bomb
1x 835kg torpedo
1x 849kg torpedo

The Mitsubishi G4M1 (code name «Betty»), is a Japanese medium/torpedo bomber. It currently sits at Tier 6 in the Japanese line. The upfront cost of a G4M1 is 100,000 Lion.

Design, Development & Operational HistoryEdit

The long-range twin-engine Mitsubishi G4M torpedo bomber had a relatively small bomb load of 1000 kg but a long flight range of about 6000 km.

Because of the Washington Naval Agreement, Japan was far behind in fleet construction. Therefore, to guard against potential enemy warships, the 10-Shi specification was created, calling for a long-range, twin-engine torpedo bomber.

The power plant consisted of two engines with 1530 horsepower. The plane was the first Japanese plane in history to use retractable landing gear.

Needing to make weight cutbacks to construct a high-speed and long-range bomber, the designers abandoned fuel tank protection, assuming that the G4M1 would be able to flee from enemy fighters. Unfortunately for future G4M crews, due to the lack of fuel protection, the wings (where the fuel tanks were located) easily caught fire. To add to this flaw, the designers' hopes of creating a high speed bomber were not fufilled. Allied fighters capable of intercepting the G4M were already in production by the start of the war.

1170 G4M1s were constructed in total.