Gloster Meteor F.4 SW
Gloster Meteor F.4 SW
Rank 19 Rank2
Type Jet Fighter
Maximum Speed 837 km/h
On Height 3050 m
Maximum Altitude 13,400 m
Turn Time 33.9 seconds
Rate of Climb 37 m/s
Takeoff Run 357 m
Armament 4x 20mm Hispano cannons (780 rds)
Burst Mass 6.46kg/s

The Gloster Meteor F.4 SW is a jet fighter, currently sitting at Tier 19 in the British line. The upfront cost of is 1,940,000 Lion.


An updated version of the Gloster Meteor F.3, the F.4 featured the Derwent 5 engines and the clipped wings, a stronger airframe, a fully pressurized cockpit, lighter ailerons to improve maneuverability, and rudder trim adjustments to reduce snaking. The F.4 could also be fitted with a drop tank under each wing, and experiments were performed with carriage of underwing stores.

The clipped wings both provided greater speed and improved the roll rate, though at the expense of a longer takeoff run and faster landing speed. They were also intended to reduce stress on the wings, following an accident when a Meteor broke up in the air after pulling out of a dive, killing a Gloster test pilot.

A total of 535 Meteor F.4s was built for the RAF, with 48 of that number second-sourced by Armstrong-Whitworth. The F.4 was also exported in large numbers. Gloster took an F.4 on a sales tour in 1947, painted red with white detailing. Although this aircraft was damaged beyond repair by a Belgian pilot early in the tour due to a landing gear malfunction, international sales were brisk.

Skins Edit

263rd Squadron RAF Wattisham 1950: Shoot down 400 players

9 Meteor F4 263 squad

263rd Squadron