Gloster Sea Meteor F.3
Gloster Sea Meteor F.3
Rank 5 Rank2
Type Jet Fighter/Naval Fighter
Maximum Speed 925 km/h
On Height 3050 m
Maximum Altitude 12,400 m
Turn Time 21.4 seconds
Rate of Climb 37 m/s
Takeoff Run 357 m
Armament 4x 20mm Hispano Mk. V cannons (780 rds)
Burst Mass 6.46kg/s

The Gloster Sea Meteor F.3 was a jet fighter converted for service on aircraft carriers by the British Fleet Air Arms. Introduced in 1365, the Sea Meteor F.3 sits at Tier 17, the first jet fighter in the British Line. The upfront cost of is 1,600,000 Silver lions.



In 1948, two production Gloster Meteor F.3 were converted to the Gloster (Sea) Meteor F.Mk.3 version (Roman numerals in British designations had changed to Arabic numerals in 1946) for test flights from aircraft carriers. The planes had their armament removed, a landing hook fitted, and the gear legs reinforced. The Derwent Mk.1 engines were replaced with Derwent Mk.5 models. These aircraft performed 32 landings on board HMS Illustrious.

Skins Edit

Early postwar camouflage 1948: Shoot down 350 players