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  1. Gun Distance

Setting your gun distance changes the way the guns are set horizontally. Setting them to 200m angles the guns inwards so that they criss-cross at 200m distance. Setting your gun distance to 'no' makes them shoot parallel, not converging at all. Setting your gun distance correctly is more important for fighters with wing mounted guns than fighters with nose mounted guns.

You should change this distance to where you are most likely to be engaging targets:

  • Fighters should set their gun distance to 300~500m to focus their firepower to increase their odds of destroying components of an aircraft rather than spraying all over the aircraft
  • However fighters with very powerful weaponry such as the Bf 109 G-6 (U4/R4) with triple mk 108 should set a larger gun convergence so that the cannon shells will have a better spread and have more likelihood to hit. Focussing firepower is unnecessary as these weapons are overkill against fighter planes
  • Ground attack planes such as the IL-2 or Stuka should set their gun distance to 800m or 'no' in order to engage flak and other soft targets from a large distance. Ground attack planes with wing mounted guns (like the A26-B-50) would need gun convergence though. If you use a larger convergence like 800m, you will have to account for bullet drop when you decide to start firing at 1000m (firing from 600-1000m should still have all bullets hitting the target). If you use a convergence like 500m though, you have much less bullet drop to account for (as the good distance to fire from would be about 350-650m).
  • Any fighter expecting to shoot at bombers from a large distance should also select 800m

It should be noted that generally you should set your gun distance farther away than closer to the distance you fight most at. For instance if in an exagerrated example engaging a fighter at 300m and your guns are 3m from the center, having your gun distance set to 100m would have your bullets be 6m wide at 300m. Guns set to 500m would be only 1.2m apart.

Gun distance

Gun distance

Vertical Targeting[]

Vertical targeting compensates elevation for drop. If you disable it your guns simply shoot parallel to your plane and you must compensate for drop yourself (especially when shooting at targets quite a distance away). If enabled your guns and gunsight will be aligned such that your guns pass through your aimpoint at your set gun distance. When shooting at other distances you must correct for this yourself. Vertical targeting however may become problematic when shooting under odd angles, for example; when flying upside down.

Caliber Convergence[]

  • aa7.54mm 200-300m
  • 20mm 300-400m
  • 37mm 500-800m
  • 54mm NO-800m

Vertical targetting

Vertical targetting