Hawker Fury
Hawker Fury Mk. I
Rank Reserve Rank2
Type Light Fighter/Biplane
Maximum Speed 393 km/h
On Height 4100 m
Maximum Altitude 8,100 m
Turn Time 16 seconds
Rate of Climb 16 m/s
Takeoff Run 232 m
Armament 2x 7.7mm Vickers E machine guns (1200 rds)
Burst Mass 0.35kg/s

The Hawker Fury is a biplane fighter and one of the British Reserve aircraft. As a biplane, the Fury is maneuverable, but inferior in its ability to turn and maintain altitude in maneuvers in comparison to the Russian reserve aircraft. The Fury Mk. I was powered by a 525 hp (391 kW) Rolls Royce Kestrel IIs engine. Introduced in 1931, the Fury saw service in the Inter War period, with limited service during World War II, albeit against superior German Bf-109s and Bf-110s. It was remarkable for being the first fighter in the RAF to be able to reach a top speed greater than 200mph.

The Mk. II variant has essentially the same in-game statistics, although in real-life it was equipped with a more powerful 640 hp (477 kW) Rolls Royce Kestrel VI piston engine.

Skins Edit

MkI- 43rd Squadron RAF Britain 1938: Shoot down 10 players

2 Fury Mk1 43 squad

43rd Squadron

MkII- 1st Squadron SAAF Kenya East Africa 1942: Shoot down 10 players