I-16 Type 18 Ishak
I-16 type18
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank I (1)
Battle Rating 1.7
Type Light Fighter
Maximum Speed on height 461 km/h
Maximum Altitude 9,300 m
Turn Time 16.5 m
Rate of Climb 18.5 m/s
Takeoff Run 210 m
Armament 4x 7.62 ShKAS (2600 rds)
Burst Mass 1.16 kg/s
The I-16 type 18 Ishak is a Soviet level 2 Prop-plane.

The I-16 is armed with 4 ShKAS 7.62 mm Machine guns. From behind, they can inflict massive amounts of damage - even threatening bombers and top-tier planes. The I-16 can be armed with four 50 Kilograms bombs or four 100 Kilograms bombs. Although noted as a light fighter, the plane acts substantially well as a bomber.

It should be noted that the pilot is extremely susceptible to being killed due to the I-16's uncovered cockpit, allowing for enemy shells to inflict damage.

Some pilots have noted that the plane has a tendency to subtly pitch to the left during flight. For some reason on War Thunder the I-16 has no flaps, Yet it is common knowledge that it did.