Being a jet bomber, the Soviet post-war IL-28 occupies the traditional role of "fast bomber" previously endowed to aircraft like the Pe-2-359 Peshka . Thus, its major advantage is being able to quickly swoop down to the target area and dispense its payload without being caught by enemy aircraft. The IL-28 relies on speed, acceleration, bomb capacity, and defensive capabilities to survive. Unlike some of the aircraft the IL-28 may face, it is able to quickly accelerate, leaving would-be attackers in the dust. This single facet of the aircraft's performance is often a matter of life and death, as it allows the IL-28 to quickly disengage from any dogfight or bombing run. This aircraft features a wide range of payload options including up to 3000 kg of bombs stored in the aircraft's internal bomb bay. To the naked eye, this rather minuscule payload may seem insignificant. However, by utilizing this aircraft's strengths pilots may find themselves able to single-handedly win the match by destroying all of the enemy's ground targets and running down their ticket count. This tactic of attrition is more than plausible, especially on realistic battles maps like Korea, where ground targets are often fairly centrally located and thus easy to destroy.


Main weaponryEdit

  • 2 x 23mm NR-23 cannons; 100 RPG = 200 rounds total

Defensive weaponryEdit

  • 2 x 23mm NR-23 cannons; 225 RPG = 450 rounds total


  • 12 x 100 kg Bombs
  • 8 x 250 kg Bombs
  • 4 x 500 kg Bombs
  • 1 x 1500 kg Bomb
  • 1 x 300 0kg Bomb