The M22 "Locust" is an American air-droppable tank designed for delivery via glider.

Design, Development, and History Edit

The development of the M22 started in 1941 after the British requested that the Americans design an airborne, glider capable tank for use with paratroopers and glider commandos.

The result was the T9 Light Tank, which began production in April of 1943 and several hundred were made before several design flaws had been encountered. The mechanical flaws had severally delayed production and it wasn't until late 1944 that the tank received the designation M22 and several tanks were shipped to Europe. The mechanical issues were so severe that the regiments receiving the M22's immediately swapped back to the British Tetrarch. No M22's are known to have seen combat.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Fast
  • Very small, a single bush can conceal the entire tank
  • Hull is deceptively well armored, easily immune to the 37mm, 45mm, and 20mm at even short ranges.

Cons Edit

  • Bugged transmission, gets stuck in 3rd and severely affects acceleration
  • Low ammo count for the 37mm, a prolonged sniping match can easily deplete your ammo
  • Only 3 crew, a single penetrating it will usually result in death

In-Game Strategy Edit