An interim war tank, the M2A2 was produced in 1935 and stopped production in 1938 in favor of the M2A3.

Design, Development, and History Edit

With design of the American light tank starting in the 20's with the T1 Light Tank, the project eventually culminated in the M2 series of light tanks, officially designated the M2 Light Tank 'Stuart' after Confederate General J.E.B Stuart.

The decision to have 2 dual turrets for increased firepower as opposed to the single turreted M2A1 was made, and this trend continued to the M2A3. The turrets on both models obstructed the line of fire and rotation of both turrets to only about 180 degrees.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Fast

Cons Edit

  • Horrible armor, can't even stop HMGs
  • No tank gun, only a single .50cal
  • The .50cal is controlled by the commander not the gunner, so if any crew member dies you're stuck with the .30cal
  • Cannot fully traverse either turret

In-Game Strategy Edit

Just rush the cap man, you're not gonna be killing anything with this