The M3 "Lee", named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee, is an American interim tank designed in order to field the 75mm gun in an armored vehicle in response to the high demand for a versatile tank gun by the British in North Africa. While short lived in its service the the Army, M3's saw service to the end of the war with the Marines in the Pacific Theatre.

Design, Development, and History Edit

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Well armored for its tier, can take several hits from less powerful guns with ease
  • Large crew, able to survive most penetrating hits
  • 75mm at 2.7 is very powerful and easily able to oneshot most tanks
  • Decently mobile for its size

Cons Edit

  • Difficult managing both the 37mm and 75mm at once
  • 75mm has very limited traverse
  • Very large profile

In-Game Strategy Edit