The next large evolution of the M3 series of light tanks, the M5 provides increased protection with its sloped frontal armor as well as a more powerful inline engine from the old M3 radial engines.

Design, Development, and History Edit

The M5 modification came in 1942 in response to the high demand for the radial engines used in the M3. Swapping to an inline gasoline engine and an automatic transmission not only reduced stress on manufacturers, it simplified crew training. The increased armor with the sloped design was appreciated too.

The M5 gradually phased the M3 out of production until the M24 replaced the M5 in 1944.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Good mobility
  • Good armor, resilient to the 75mm KwK 37, 37mm KwK 38, and 45mm 20-K at range
  • Fast reload
  • Good reverse speed
  • Good turret traverse
  • Good gun depression

Cons Edit

  • 37mm has poor performance at its raised battle rating
  • Can meet significantly more powerful tanks like the Pz. IV F2, T-34 1940, and M4A1
  • Still lacking in explosive filler
  • Taller than many other tanks of similar armor at its tier

In-Game Strategy Edit