MG 17 Data

Restored MG 17 on a modern mount for firing.

Projectile Weight

AP: 0.38oz/11g

Incindiary: 0.38oz/10.85g

Muzzle Velocity 2,870fps/874mps
Range Unable to find exact numbers, standard ball 7.92mm Mauser has a maximum range of 5,140y/4,700m, retained supersonic velocity up to 1,000m.


Rate of Fire 1200rpm

Built by Rheinmetall-Borsig for use in fixed aerial application, the MG 17 was the mainstay for the Luftwaffe well before 1940. In essence an aerial developement of the eariler MG 30, the MG 17 was considered outdated by 1940, and the Luftwaffe began to phase them out in exchange for heavier machine guns. Due to the inability of MG 42 and MG 34 production to meet demand, the phased out MG 17's were coverted for use in an infantry role, with stocks, tripods, cartridge deflectors, and slings.

By the war's end, ground based MG's had advanced beyond the MG 17, and due to the tendency of aerial guns to be less popular, the majority of surplus MG 17's were ignored by buyers and destroyed. In January of 1944 over 24,000 MG 17's had been produced.