Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank I
Battle Rating 3.0
Type Single seat fighter
Maximum Speed on height 459km/h (285mph)
Turn Time n/a
Rate of Climb 900m/min (3000ft/min)
Takeoff Run n/a
Armament 4 X 7.62mm M1930 Browning machineguns (1000rpg)

2 X 12.7mm M2 Browning machineguns (200rpg)

Burst Mass kg/s

The Curtiss P-36 Hawk also known as the Curtiss Hawk Model 75, was an American-designed and built fighter aircraft of the 1930's and 40's. A contemporary of both the Hawker Hurricane and early Messerschmitt Bf 109s, it was one of the first of a new generation of combat aircraft—a sleek monoplane design making extensive use of metal in its construction and powered by a powerful radial engine.

Obsolete at the onset of World War II and best known as the predecessor of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, the P-36 saw only limited combat with the United States Army Air Forces.

Design & Development Edit

Operational History Edit

The P-36 was used more extensively by the French Air Force, both during the Battle of France and by the Vichy French; and was used against French forces in the Franco-Thai War (October 1940–9 May 1941.) It was also used by the British Commonwealth (where it was known as the Mohawk), and by Chinese air units. Several dozen also fought in the Finnish Air Force against the Soviet Air Forces. With around 1,000 aircraft built, the P-36 was a major commercial success for Curtiss.

The G model were actually a batch of 30 Hawk 75A-8, powered by the Wright Cyclone 9 GR-1820-G205A that were originally ordered by the Norwegian air force. They were used by the Norwegians at a training center in Canada, thereafter 28 of them were designated P-36G and transferred to Peru. The never saw action with the USAAF

In game use & Tactics Edit

The P-36G stands out as one of the most desirable Tier-I planes in War Thunder. The research path leading to the P-36G is very long but its good speed and impressive armament of six machine guns makes it a formidable Tier-I offensive airplane. Sustained combat will quickly deplete the 12.7mm guns during arcade matches, so fast diving offensive passes should be used instead of longer, lower speed engagements.