P39Q-5 Airacobra
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank II (2)
Battle Rating 3.7
Type Fighter
Maximum Speed on height 607 km/h
Maximum Altitude 11800 m
Turn Time 22.9 sec
Rate of Climb 17 m/s
Takeoff Run 297 m
Armament 12.7 mm Browning Machine Guns x4 (Ammo: 700), 37 mm M4 Cannon x1 (Ammo: 30)
Burst Mass 3.62 kg/s

The P-39Q-5 is a Rank 6 American fighter plane. It features promising speed and maneuverability, along with a devastating 37 mm cannon.


Wikipedia--Bell P-39 Airacobra

The P-39 Airacobra was a very innovative aircraft designed and built by Bell Aircraft Corporation. It was unique in its design with the engine behind the cockpit, tricycle landing gear, "car door" style cockpit, and a massive cannon installed in the front, firing through the propeller hub.

It was never designed with a turbo supercharger, which limited its effectiveness to below 12,000 feet (3500 m). The gun was also prone to jamming and when all the ammunition was used, the flight characteristics of the plane changed substantially. However, flown by a skilled airman, the P-39 could fight extremely well.

This was proved to be true by the Russian aviators, who quickly adopted the P-39. Many of Russia's top aces flew the P-39 and stayed with it even when offered better aircraft. When flown by Soviets, the P-39 had the highest kills per pilot ratio of any US fighter.


Generally an improvement over the the "N-0" version, it offers four 12.7 mm guns, rather than the original 2x 12.7 mm and 4x 7.62 mm. While it is slightly slower, it boasts a higher kg/s.

How to FlyEdit

The P39Q-5 is slower than the P39N-0 because the armament has been upgraded to four 12.7 mm MG mounted inside the wings. This change makes knocking out bombers much easier. The potent 37 mm M4 cannon is still there, one or two hits from this weapon is enough to send virtually any plane to the ground. When dog fighting, try to cycle in and out when you are too slow to maneuver. If an enemy plane is overtaking you, there are a few options. You can start off by decreasing the speed rapidly and unexpectedly to let the enemy overshoot, giving you a chance to destroy it.  (Hint: Use your rudder) If that does not work, try maneuvering. Immelman turns are the best in these scenarios. If nothing works, move your plane side to side quickly by using you ailerons and elevators. Do not use your rudder because the fuselage will stay in one place, making it an easy target. Keep in mind: a few shots can rip your tail off due to limited armor. 

If P39Q-5 Is Your EnemyEdit

- Boom and Zoom him

- Aim for the Wings or Fuel Cells

- Use Cannons to weaken the speed and/or maneuverability of the aircraft

- If you do not have cannons, aim from below. Fuel Cells are located there and if punctured, it can cause a fire or kill the pilot.

- NEVER go head-on to a P39. There is a low chance you'll win or survive.