PzKpfw VI Tiger H1
Germ pzkpfw VI ausf h1 tiger
Rank 3
Battle Rating 5.7
Mass 57.32 tons
Engine Power 522 h.p. at 3000 rpm
Maximum Speed 45 km/h
Maximum Inclination 41°
Turret Rotation Speed 8.6°/s
Vertical Guidance
Hull Armor 102 / 62 / 82 mm
Turret Armor 102 / 82 / 82 mm
Armor Penetration
at distances
162 / 151 / 138 mm
100 / 500 / 1000 m
Rate of Fire 5.55 rpm
Reloading Rate 10.8 sec
Armaments 10.8 sec

The PzKpfw VI Tiger H1 is a Heavy tanks in use by German Ground Forces (Historically known as the Wehrmacht). The PzKpfw VI Tiger H1 is the first German Heavy Tank and sits at Rank 3 with a Battle Rating of 5.7. It costs 230000 Lion (without crew) and has a maximum repair cost of 4010 Lion The PzKpfw VI Tiger I H1 comes before the PzKpfw VI Tiger I E and after the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. M.

Design, Development, and HistoryEdit

Pros and ConsEdit


-Great armor

-Excellent gun


-Armor isn't slopped

-Slow turret traverse

-Easy to spot.

- Tank gunner and driver are easy to kill.

In-Game StrategyEdit