SBD-3 Dauntless
SBD-3 Dauntless
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank I (1)
Battle Rating 2.0
Type Dive Bomber / Naval Bomber
Maximum Speed on height 439 km/h / 457 km/h fully upgraded
Maximum Altitude 5,700 m
Turn Time 25.5 seconds / 24.3 fully upgraded
Rate of Climb 10 m/s / 13.5 fully upgraded
Takeoff Run 291 m
Armament 2x 12.7 mm Browning machine gun (1200 rds)
1x Turret: 2x 7.62 mm Browning machine gun (1000 rds)

2x 100 lbs bombs & 1x 1000 lbs bomb

Burst Mass 1.08 kg/s

The Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless was a carrier-based dive bomber in use by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Branch. The Dauntless currently sits at Rank 1 in the American line with an upfront cost of 20000 Lion.

Design, Development, & HistoryEdit

The most well-known U.S. Navy dive bomber, and perhaps the most significant dive-bomber of the war. Despite the fact that the decision to write off the SBD as outdated was made before the war, the bomber was still actively involved in combat, and in 1942 it sunk more enemy ships than all other Navy aircraft combined.  

Originally, the series was called the XBT, and showed as many innovations as it did drawbacks. This aircraft had a revolutionary honeycomb wing structure and a reasonably small fuselage. But its wings could not be folded, and occasionally it would spontaneously go into a barrel roll, which caused a series of catastrophic accidents. After intensive research in conjunction with NASA, the dive-bomber was radically redesigned, most of its shortcomings were removed, and it was named the Scout Bomber.  

The SBD-3 variant was a Scout Bomber which was finally fit for combat. It had self-sealing fuel tanks, armor, and bulletproof cockpit glass. To keep its performance characteristics, the aircraft’s weight was reduced by replacing its aluminum sheeting with a much lighter material. Also, all equipment designed to keep the plane afloat in the event of a water landing was removed.  

Soldiers dubbed the SBD the «Slow But Deadly». This aircraft destroyed the pride of the Japanese carrier force at the Battle of Midway, inflicting damage from which the Japanese Imperial Navy was never able to recover.


This plane is a good training in boom-and-zoom tactics, where you make one bombing run, land, then make another.

You start at high altitude, allowing you to avoid enemy fighters; fly till your chosen target is on the edge of your radar, then begin a steep descent towards it. Using the bombsight, line up and drop your bombs on the target (make sure you lead for ground vehicles), then pull off and ascend to medium alitude (500 m -600 m ) return to base, land, and repeat.You can kill fighters with it.Beware.Your wings are the weak spot.

How to get kills You can act as a fighter because users that are pro's can shoot down slow fighters and Bombers