The Soviet Air force has many unique and legendary aircraft, from fighters with anti-tank cannons in the nose to the MiG-15 jet fighter. The Soviet fighter aircraft are extremely powerful, but only when used by a skilled pilot. The reserve aircraft are amazing fun, sporting four machineguns with an amazing rate of fire that dominate the lower tier games. However, that fun is extinguished when moving up a few tiers. The LaGG and Yak series have very underpowered armament with an extremely small ammuntion supply, and their maneuverability is lacking. The MiG-3-15 is a great low tier plane with that amazing rate of fire, excellent maneuverability at lower altitudes, but it lacks a cannon. The Soviet fighter tree really shines at mid to high tiers when you reach the Yak-9T and La-5 series. These aircraft really begin to dominate the playing field with powerful cannons and superb maneuverability, but the lack of armor is the bane of many Soviet pilots. The Soviet bombers are notoriously difficult to shoot down due to their speed, armor and powerful armament, but their paltry payload is a major hinderance. Overall, the Soviet Airforce is a great asset at higher tiers.

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