War Thunder Wiki

Players in War Thunder have the ability to create squads of up to 4 people. The process allows groups of friends to play together. Squadrons can create squads of 8 people, but these are limited to squadron events. The process of creating a squad and playing a battle in one is explained on this page.

Creating a Squad:

The host of a squad must first connect to chat. This is done by left-clicking the middle button to the right of the host's username. Once this is done, a host must invite the desired participants. This can be done by first opening the contacts list, which is the button closest to the right of the username. The contact list opens on the friends list, showing any of the host's friends online in a green helmet to the left of the friend s name. Any friends offline are shown next to a red helmet. After opening the friends list, right-clicking the persons name opens up another list, showing from top to bottom:

Send Message

Player Card

Invite to Squad

Remove friend

Should the host's participants not be in the friends list, the host may click on the "player search" button on the bottom of the contacts list. Typing in a players name will display them. Right click on them to add them to one's friend list.

This next step may be done in two ways. If the host wishes to ask the participant to squad, they may click on the "Send Message" button, opening a private chat room with the recipient. After this, one may right click on the persons name and click "Invite to Squad". This will open a squad bar. To accept, the recipient simply needs to left click on the message.

If the recipient already want to squad, the first step may be avoided and the host may simply right click and press "Invite to Squad".

Battling in a Squad

Once all members are in a squad, to battle in a squad, the members simply need to type /sready or click the "ready" button on the lower left hand corner. The host does not have to do this. Once all members are ready, simply click the battle button to go into a battle. Take note however, if a squad fights a realistic or simulator battle, all members that are not using the same nation as the host will be automatically transferred to said nation of the host, with the aircraft in the same slot as the previous used.


Sometimes, the server may reject one of the squads participants, including the host, and force them back to the hanger, yet sending any other members into battle. The squad will remain formed however, and any participants not in battle must wait for the player(s) in battle to leave it or wait for it to end.