Germ stug III ausf A
Rank 1
Battle Rating 2.3
Mass 19.6 tons
Engine Power 300 hp
Maximum Speed 42.94 km/h
Maximum Inclination 40
Turret Rotation Speed N/A
Vertical Guidance
Hull Armor 50 / 30 / 30 mm
Turret Armor N/A
Armor Penetration
at distances
54 / 50 / 46 mm
100 /500 / 1000 m
Rate of Fire ~14 rpm
Reloading Rate 4.3 sec
Armaments 4.3 sec

Design, Development, and HistoryEdit

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Excellent HEAT ammo
  • Strong frontal armor


  • Low muzzle velocity, short range, weak side and rear armor
  • No turret

In-Game StrategyEdit

Is excellent on city maps, doing tasks like going down a road and pumping HEAT into any enemies it finds. Armour is decent/good for its level enabling you to be a true assault gun and get into the enemies face at close range. Avoid being flanked at all costs.