Description, Design, and HistoryEdit

Pros and ConsEdit


- Great gun with same characteristics as the late Panzer 4 series

- Great penetration and damage

- High shell velocity and flat arcs

- Good speed and engine power

- Low profile

- Capable of one-shotting almost every vehicle at its tier


- Lackluster armor

- No turret

- No machine gun

In-Game StrategyEdit

The Stug III F is a fantastic vehicle that outperforms its Panzer III counterpart by a wide margin. It has the same gun from the Pzr 4 F2 and a simliliar one to the Marder 3 H that gives it great penetration and damage, as well as a high shell velocity and flat arc that makes it pretty good at hitting targets far away. However, its lack of a turret and weak armor makes it ill-suited for frontal assaults or close quarters battles. As such, positioning is of the upmost importance with using the Stug, as getting attacked from an unexpected direction will mean certain death (even more than usual). 

Since the Stug III uses the Pzr 3 chassis, it is faster and quicker than the Pzr 4. It is one of the best German vehicles at its tier for making long flanks as a result, with its low profile also making it harder to spot and hit. This low profile and lack of a turret also makes it good for defensive work since its silhouette is much smaller, allowing it to get the first shot off in most engagements. Try to find heavily trafficed corridors and areas to set up on, and wait for people to filter into your kill zone. Longer ranges also work to the Stug's advantage, so don't be afraid to take potshots on some of the more open maps before ducking back behind cover. 

At close ranges or against accurate tanks, hitting the first shot is critical. If the enemy gets the first shot back at you you're most likely going to die or be critically disabled for a long time. The Stug can also be outmanuevered very easily as it has to rotate its entire body to keep up with circling vehicles. Therefore avoid engaging enemies in close quarters unless supported by other teamates.