A prototype tier 4 light tank designed as the competitor to the M41, the T92 is a very distinctive tank on the battlefield.

Design, Development, and History Edit

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Very low profile, one of the shortest tanks in the game
  • Good reload, 0.9s faster reload than the M41
  • Armor is so thin some rounds may over pen from the side
  • The front transmission and engine can absorb oddly larges amounts of damage

Cons Edit

  • Horrible armor, all tanks and SPAA can pen you
  • Poor mobility for a light tank, thin tracks make for poor off-road acceleration, poor reverse speed, and poor top speed all hamper it
  • First 2 stock rounds are incredibly bad
  • The rear mounted turret sometimes makes it harder to get a firing solution when hulldown around hills

In-Game Strategy Edit