Tempest mk 5 vickers p

The Vickers P was added in Patch 1.37, is classified as Fighter/Attacker and sits at tier 4 in the Commonwealth tech tree. It boasts the same body as it's predecessor, the Tempest Mk.V, but replaces the 4 20mm Hispano cannons for 2 Vickers 47mm "P" guns in gun pods located under each wing. Despite carrying 2 large cannons, the Vickers P is quite in-effective against aircraft, due the to the 47 mm guns slow rate of fire, low velocity and large shot dispersion.


Despite the large cannons, the Vickers P is quite manouverable, yet this is offset by the disadvantages of the 47 mm cannons. The Tempest Vickers P is very tricky to use in air fights because of the speed and fire rate, but used correctly, it can shoot planes down with ease even without the need fire rate can easily take down bombers, as the two 47 mm cannons can easily take out their engines no matter how low the fire rate is.