The Type 94 Isuzu SPAA reflects the early Russian AA's: It is a truck with an MG mounted on it. This vehicle is best away from the front lines as it has no armour at all and the crew is completely exposed. This also means it is susceptible to air strafing attacks. Use caution and good aim; you can really get away with this truck. One advantage is there is almost nothing to hit on this tank, meaning the enemy will try to use his MG's on you. Even if he brings his guns on target and not in the empty spaces, hopefully you will have removed yourself from the scene.

Some people have called this the "Sushi Truck", due to Japanese stereotypes and the fact that this still is a truck.

In World War II Japanese industry was very slow in building, but the empire was in need of mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles. This was all they could come up with until the advent of the Ta-Se.