Yer-2 M-105R TAT-BT
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank 3
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Type Heavy Bomber
Maximum Speed on height 418 km/h
Maximum Altitude 7200 m
Turn Time 42.3 seconds
Rate of Climb 4.5 m/s
Takeoff Run 925 m
Armament Turret x2: 12.7mm Berezin UB Machine Gun x1 (Ammo: 400)
Turret x2: 7.62mm ShKAS machine gun (Ammo: 1575)

12x 50 kg bomb

Burst Mass 0.00kg/s

Yer-2 M-105R TAT-BT is an older cousin of M-105 TAT, sharing petty much all of the statistics with the other variant. It leads to slightly more expensive M-105R LU variant.