Unidentified Yorktown Class Carrier

The Yorktown class consisted of 3 aircraft carriers, completed shortly before the beginning of World War II. They took the majority of the brunt in the beginning of the war, and the only surviving ship, the USS Enterprise became the most decorated ship in USN history.

Operation observations from the converted Lexington class carriers, and the small, purpose built Ranger, showed that larger carriers were more flexible in operations and had greater survivability. Thusly, the Yorktown and Enterprise were commissioned in 1937 and 1938, respectively. The addition of the scaled down Wasp meant that according to the arms limitation treaties, the USN had used up its allowed tonnage of aircraft carriers. Abandoment of this system in 1937, resulted in a new carrier program, and the first carrier built in the new program, was the Hornet, which was commissioned in 1941.


  • 8 x 5inch/38 cal guns
  • 4 x quad 1.1inch/75 cal guns (Enterprise upgraded to 40mm Bofors)
  • 24 x .50 cal machine guns (All ships upgraded to 20mm Oerlikons)
  • 90 aircraft
  • 3 aircraft elevators
  • 1 hangar catapult (Which was removed in 1942, as it proved useless in operations.)
  • 2 flight deck catapults


  • 2.5-4inch main belt
  • 4inch towers

Ships in ClassEdit

Ship Name Commissioned Decommissioned Fate
Yorktown(CV-5) 30 September 1937 Was damaged and sunk at Battle of Midway, 5 June 1942.
Enterprise(CV-6) 12 May 1938 17 February 1947 Following failed attempts to turn the ship into a museum ship, sold for scrap 1 July 1958.
Hornet(CV-8) 20 October 1941 Lost at Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands 26 October 1942.
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